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Myth #1 Sugaring is Just for Women

Myth #1 Sugaring is Just for Women

Many people incorrectly presume that sugaring is just for women. While many of our client do identify as a woman; sugaring is done on and benefits ALL bodies. All bodies can benefit from sugaring and here are just a few reasons why:

  • Sugaring is gentle on sensitive skin

  • Hair removal can be beneficial for all humans with hair

  • Hair removal can assist in helping various skin conditions/irritations to heal 

  • Hair removal can help athlete’s and common issues they deal with

Sensitive Skin friends:

Sugar is known as the most effective and gentle method of hair removal on all body parts, from eyebrows down to your toes (with one exception) Sugaring is the best method to free your skin of hair, if you so choose. 

Sugaring is gentle enough for all skin types and skin sensitivities. From the 100% all natural ingredients to the least damage to the skin, sugaring is the best method. Sugar is applied against the hair growth, standing up the hair, which allows the sugar to seep down and wrap completely around the hair root. Then we ‘flick the sugar off’ in the direction of the hair growth which minimizes the damage to the skin by allowing the entire hair and root to come out without any breakage to the hair or left behind bits that could cause ingrown hairs. Sugar also only attaches to hair and dead so no damage happens to the live skin. 

Benefits ALL friends:

Sugaring is beneficial to anyone who wants their hair gone in any given area, except beards, due to beard matrixing, we cannot sugar beards. All people can have a less hairy body, should they so choose. Skin can be easier to hydrate and moisturize without hair and dead skin present. Skin that has been sugared feels softer than when the hair is present and as time goes on, with proper maintenance, time, and after care, you can achieve minimal regrowth that is soft and never itchy or uncomfortable. 

Irritated skin & skin conditioned friends:

From time to time any body can experience various irritations or skin conditions that can be exacerbated by hair growth, or alternative methods of hair removal ie waxing or shaving.


Ingrown hairs and irritated skin can be bothered by traditional regrowth of hair. Skin and hair that is shaved can often experience irritation and troubled regrowth. While a razor will cut down the hair to the skin level, it sharpens one part of the hair that will eventually become itchy and irritated as it grows back. Areas that fold, like underarms, necks, knees, back of knees are very susceptible to this as the skin around the shaved area moves constantly allowing the hair to scratch and irritate the rest of the skin. 

Ingrown hairs are also common with shaving as the dead and probably dry skin trap the hair don’t allow them to slide out of the follicle as easily as sugaring. When you get an ingrown hair your body will work to either push the hair out of your skin or it will try to break it down. If you continue to shave over an ingrown hair it will only further irritate the area and could potentially lead to other issues like infections. 

Athlete Friends:

Sugaring can also be exceptionally beneficial to athletes. Some athletes prefer no hair to help them achieve optimal results for their sport of choice. For example, many runners deal with chafing. By removing the hair from common changing areas can help in healing as well as help to prevent the chafing in the first place. Swimmers often remove their body hair to help them be able to glide through the water better. 

These are just a few of the ways that sugaring can be beneficial to all bodies. At dulcederm it is our mission to ensure a safe place that respects all bodies and we can help folks do that by removing any hair from wherever they want on their body.

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