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Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is an exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acid that helps promote the shedding of dead skin cell. Lactic acid helps to soften and improve your skin by gently removing the buildup of dead skin cells. Removing the dead skin cells with an alpha-hydroxy has many different benefits beside softer skin, it includes:

  1. Stimulating collagen for plumper and firmer skin.

  2. Smoothes fine lines & wrinkles by removing any unnecessary buildup and wrinkles.

  3. Increased cell turnover which leads to more youthful looking skin.

  4. Improving the moisture retention of the skin which assists in proper hydration levels and plumpness of the skin.

  5. We also see brightened skin with regular use of Lactic Acid due to the removal of the dead / dull skin cells which have bonded to the live skin cells. This allows us to see a more radiant complexion over time.

  6. Less skin congestion and clearer due to removing of dead skin cells that trap dirt and bacteria in our skin and clogging our pores.

Lactic acid is the mildest form of alpha-hxdroxy acids (AHA's) and a bigger molecule than other AHA's and doesn't penetrate as deeply, which means that it is also safe for sensitive skin. While this is the safest option of AHA's for many, there are still a few things to remember:

  1. If applying onto damp skin; pat onto skin for the best absoprtion

  2. Don't mix with retinol, enzymes, benzoyl peroxide or other AHA's or BHA's

  3. AHA's are best used at night because they can increase sun sensitivity and without proper sun protection can cause issues. Always use SPF on your face, daily whether you go outside or not.

  4. Using Lactic Acid too frequently can cause inflammation and accelerate the aging process, once daily is a good regimen.

We decided to include lactic acid in quite a few of our products for enhanced benefits. Here are all the products that we have with lactic acid and why it is in each product:

  1. Toner - This is an aloe based toner that is extremely moisturizing and non-drying due to no witch hazel. Latic Acid is the perfect edition to this product because it is safe for all skin types, By focusing on balancing your skins pH thus allowing your skin to actually be able to properly absorb all of the ingredients in your serums and moisturizers .

  2. Charcoal Mask - Our mask is an active coconut charcoal base that is gentle but highly effetive in drawing out impurities an clarifying skin. Lactic Acid is so helpful in this product as it helps to really remove the dead skin cells that are trapping dirt and bacteria in our pores. This mask is great at taking out what is unnecessary and harmful to the skin and putting back in what will nourise and restore your skin.

  3. Ageless Turbo Moisturizer - This moistuizer is our most powerful moisturizer and is full of amazing restorative ingredients. The importance of Lactic acid is to provide a bigger moleculed AHA that can assist in consistent cellular turnover to help maintain the firmness and softness that our clients see while using this product.

  4. Ageless Eye Gel - Our Ageless Eye Gel focuses on tighthening the skin around the eyes to be more firm and plump. The skin around our eyes is thinner and more sensitive than other areas and requires the most gentle exfoliation, which is provided by the presence of lactic acid. It provides the perfect amount of exfoliation and allows for the skin to become plumper and firmer.

  5. Vitamin C Eye Gel - This eye gel focuses on fading sun spots and refining the skin texture in this delicate area. Best for those with extra sensitive skin, the combination of vitamins C, E and lactic acid work to brighten the skin by clearing out any debris and works to remove the discoloration by rapid cell turnover.

  6. Supreme Hydration Serum - This aloe based supension delivery system focuses on pumping in hydration to the skin and protection against environmental stressors. Lactic acid being so gentle and effective works hard to strip away whatever is holding back the skins ability to stay properly hydrated and deliver the other ingredients to hydrate, plump and restore the skin. Lactic acids larger molecules also offer protection against smaller moleculed intruders (environmental stressors).

  7. Body Exfoliation Serum - This moisturizing and exfoliating powerhouse for your body contains a few different fruit and plant based AHA's that combine to diligently and gently remove rough skin, ingrown hairs and bumps/buildup. Lactic acid plays a cruical role in pushing in smaller moleculed AHA's to do deeper work in the skin, while it works to slough off dead skin cells that are attached to the live cells making it difficult for cellular turnover and firmer, smoother skin.

Please chat with any of our service providers regarding the use of these products and how they might best help you achieve your skin care goals.

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