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Our Love Letter to a Future Team Member

Dear Future Team Member, 


Where do we even start? There are so many things that we want to say to share how lucky we are to have you on this team! We can’t stop gushing and thought it was time to acknowledge how amazing you are.  


Here are a few of our favorite things: 

  • You go above and beyond supporting everyone working here by seeing where things need to be done, cleaned or fixed and taking initiative to do so. Your attention to detail with clients and your work-space is excellent, and your honesty with us, yourself, and our clients is spoken in love and very refreshing. 

  • Your drive to learn and absorb all the things inspires us to do more and explain more to share all the tricks of our trade, or little nuggets of information that help you really create that connection with our clients. Speaking of, your connection with clients expands beyond their weekend plans, but includes checking in on them and their families. 

  • You are patient and understanding, creative and resourceful. You use positive language in your interactions because you understand the effect of intentional language and by choosing your attitude.  We love the way you communicate your intentions, needs, and ideas lets us know you are connected with our mission, vision and overall plan for success. Your concern for our planet and how we can continue to serve it helps us keep up to date on the best practices for sustainability.

  • You respect that we have created a safe and trusting place for ALL bodies and strive to protect and encourage this at every single opportunity. You chose to be present and protect our ‘collective why’ for every guest and make sure that they know that we are there for them. Your grace and compassion for yourself and your teammates when things get in the way of putting our guests first is outstanding.

  • When you don’t understand something, you speak up. When something feels off or upsets you, you make time to address it. You bring things to light and wholeheartedly admit when you make a mistake. You believe that truth is a gift to yourself and you are not afraid to speak yours. 

  • Your laughter is powerful and emulates our work hard, play hard state of being.


We are beyond amazed at how beautifully our entire team works together to help each and every client fall in love with every part of themselves. We love the opportunity you give us all to continue to grow individually and together as a team and business!  

We are just so happy to have you on our team!

Who are we looking for?

Interests: Our team loves learning new things, reducing our impact on the environment, developing sustainable skincare, continual personal growth, supporting local small businesses and participating in community events.

Values: We embrace the fact that every body matters, belongs and is worthy of the space they take up. We should all do our part to help the planet. We have respect for all people, all the time. Clarity is the ultimate communication goal. We believe that our greatest impact is at a local level. We desire career paths that grow with us. Organization and preparation are things that strengthen our team. We set goals for personal growth, direction, and clarity. We hold ourselves and each other accountable.

Our lifestyles: We do our best to shop at locally owned restaurants and retail businesses, bring our own bags to the grocery store, are happy to try new hobbies. We have favorite used bookstores / libraries, enjoy activities like bowling, roller skating, kayaking, rock tumbling, movies, pets, travel etc. Our team thrives by supporting each other with a busy schedule that also provides adequate play time and downtime. We work at avoiding chaos and drama by looking ahead, communicating our goals, and being intentional about the attitude we bring to work.

Where do we shop? * Jan's * Lionheart * Forager Vintage * Frenchie's * Sizzle Pie * Top Burmese * Nah Kwon * Farmer's Market * Trader Joe's * Columbia Sportswear * Society Pie * Nike *

Where do we hang out online? We listen to podcasts, surf Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and pour over websites where we learn information on a variety topics that inspire us to grow.

What kind of music & books do we enjoy? We enjoy a wide variety of music that includes late 90's pop, a little bit of mainstream electronica and are not afraid to belt out some good 80's tunes as they come on in the spa. We appreciate books that inspire us to escape, laugh, cry, and most importantly to continue growing. Some of our favorite books include: Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin; The Broken Earth Series by N.K. Jemison; The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Books of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin, books by Brene Brown, and many many more.

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