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All about Hyaluronic Acid

All About Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) can be found in many ingredients in our dulcederm skin care line, as well as in many skin care products world wide. There is a lot of excitement around HA as a critical skin regime ingredient due to its ability to lock in moisture and hydration for your skin. It's no wonder that so many people love this ingredient because there are plenty of benefits.

In our November Newsletter I gave an introduction to HA and its benefits, the most crucial of which is hydration. Here I will go over the top 10 reasons why you should be using HA and how to use our products in conjunction with these benefits to get the best results.


Top 10 Reasons why HA is the best skin care Ingredients

  1. Hydration - HA can be found in our bodies naturally, but we do lose it as we age, thus our need for improved hydration as we get older. By attracting water to our skin this helps achieve a glowy/dewy look that is plumper, more elastic and more supple.

  2. Moisturizing - There is a difference between moisturized and hydrated skin. Moisturizing agents buff the skin to prevent water from escaping. Hydrating agents attract water to the out most layer of skin. In other words moisturizers make sure that the water attracted to the skin by the hydrating agent are locked into the skin and can't escape. HA helps accomplish both of these!

  3. Texture Improvement - While HA cannot fill out texture itself, it does help to make the skin appear smoother, especially when used consistently.

  4. Skin Tone Tightness - We all lose elasticity in our skin naturally as we age, however, HA fills the skin with moisture, tightening your overall complexion.

  5. Barrier Enhancement - Our lipid barrier is our skins natural barrier which is made up of naturally occurring fatty acids. HA allows this natural barrier to lock in moisture which slows down the deterioration of this lipid barrier. This barrier is essential for hydrated skin to be its best and 'youngest' self.

  6. Pigmentation - Pairing HA with Vitamin C is the One, Two, punch for helping to increase cellular turnover to combat age spots and deal with pigmentation issues.

  7. Cellular Regeneration - Extra hydration and barrier protection of the skin provided by HA stimulates skin cell regeneration which leads to a glowing complexion and healthier cells.

  8. Clearer & Calmer Skin - HA helps to calm redness and inflammation by drawing moisture and increased protection to your skin. Properly hydrated skin also helps control oil production, reducing acne.

  9. Reduction of Visible Fine Lines and Wrinkles - By being able to retain moisture better, HA allows our skin to have a plumping effect, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  10. Protection - HA allows the skin to better protect itself against UV damage and other environmental damage. When the skin isn't busy fighting these toxins our skin returns to a less stress, less wrinkled, brighter and more elastic state of being.


How to stack HA to receive the BEST results

It is extremely important to make sure that you are using any product with HA correctly. Due to HA being a humectant, the improper use of this ingredient can ensure that you won't see the results you are looking for. If not used properly, HA can pull water from deeper levels of the skin, which will not help your skin or body. The best way to use it is to make sure that you are applying onto clean skin, that is slightly moist. It can be moist from toner, freshly washed skin, or another layer of skin care product (depending on what type of product contains the HA). You always want to follow up with a barrier cream / product of some sort to ensure that you lock in the hydration and moisture that the HA brings to the skin.

Mask -

  1. Wash or tone skin

  2. Apply mask and leave on for designated time and remove

  3. Tone skin

  4. Apply a serum or moisturizer (best if serum, then moisturizer)

Serum -

  1. Wash or tone skin

  2. Apply serum without fully drying off skin

  3. Top off with a moisturizer

Eye Gel/Serum/Cream -

  1. Wash or use Toner

  2. Apply Eye Gel/Serum/Cream without letting skin fully dry

  3. Apply the rest of your serums to areas other than under eye

  4. Apply moisturizer over entire face, including under eye area

Moisturizer -

  1. Wash or tone skin

  2. Apply Moisturizer (best if you use a serum first)

  3. Apply SPF or a barrier cream


How to best use dulcederm products with HA

Here are the dulcederm products with HA in them:

Vitamin C Eye Gel ---Blueberry Cranberry Mask---Vitamin C Serum Ageless Turbo Moisturizer---Supreme Hydration Serum---Ageless Eye Gel

Ageless Eye Gel - Use right after a toner while the skin is still damp. Then apply a moisturizer and SPF.

Ageless Turbo Moisturizer - After a toner and serum, then apply an SPF over this moisturizer.

Blueberry Cranberry Mask - Use right after cleansing and toning. Then apply toner after removal of the mask, followed by a serum, moisturizer, and SPF of your choice.

Supreme Hydration Serum - Use this on freshly toned and damp skin. Follow with a moisturizer and SPF. This product can also be used on over-washed / dry hands. When using in that manner, wash hands, pat dry to slightly damp, apply serum and rub in well, then follow with a lotion to lock in moisture and hydration!

Vitamin C Eye Gel - It is absolutely CRITICAL to wear SPF over this product! Vitamin C products can amplify the damaging effects of the sun. Apply this eye gel over freshly toned skin. Follow the eye gel with both a moisturizer and SPF.

Vitamin C Serum - It is absolutely CRITICAL to wear SPF over this product! Vitamin C products can amplify the damaging effects of the sun. Apply this serum over freshly toned skin. Follow this product with both a moisturizer and SPF.


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