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All About dulcederm

What is beauty? To us, it's falling in love with every part of yourself. You are spectacular in so many ways. Let yourself be beautiful. We're happy to help you honor your inner and outer beauty.​ We designed this space using environmentally conscious materials, with emphasis on low energy consumption. Even better, it's relaxing and spacious! Perks include free on location parking, private bathrooms, and enclosed treatment rooms.  

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dulcederm Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement
In valuing integrity, dependability, community, quality, respect and profitability, we encourage everyone to fall in love with every part of themselves. We provide a safe and welcoming place for every person, regardless of size, gender of origin or choice, clients in transition, clients who are intersex, and all sexual orientations and lifestyles. 

Core Values

  • Integrity and dependability are crucial values to our team. It means holding ourselves and each other accountable and honest in every intention we set. Our promise to each other is to consistently provide gentle realignment if we drift from our core values. This accountability motivates us to be respectful co-workers and service providers.

  • Community is one of our core values. By supporting our clients and community it helps everyone succeed. As a team and as part of our larger community we are all stronger together.

  • Quality and respect go hand and hand for us. Going above and beyond before/during/after services for clients allows us to lead by example. We ALL deserve high quality self care. We provide a safe space for ourselves and our clients with a unique mixture of clear boundaries, compassionate laughter, and respect. It takes courage on everyone's part to provide and ask for consistent consent and stand for our commitment to respect ALL bodies. 

  • Profitability is a core value that encompasses a little of all of our values. we can not actively support our clients and neighbors if we are not profitable. We sincerely believe that we cannot pour from an empty cup.  Without profit we are not able to help our team thrive and reach their financial goals. Thriving team members lead by example by going out into our community and support our clients, neighbors, and economy.  

Actively maintaining integrity and dependability, consistently seeking quality and respect, and filling our own cup first allows us to encourage each other, our clients, and our community to thrive. ​

dulcederm Sustainability Commitment

dulcederm Branded Products: 
The botanical ingredients contained within dulcederm products are chosen for quality and freshness and then extracted using a traditional method to preserve the therapeutic benefit. The source of each ingredient is as important as the ingredient itself. dulcederm supports sustainable, fair-trade agricultural practices. Many of our ingredients are certified organic or are grown under organic conditions without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or growth enhancers. Our product line is custom made locally and not tested on animals. We're quite proud of our ability to reduce our footprint and waste.

Sugar Paste:
We use Tamara's Organic Sugaring Paste. Tamara's Sugar is certified fair trade and proudly made in the Pacific NW.  We choose sugaring products with the highest grade of organically sourced ingredients available.. These sustainable practices are making a difference and raising the bar on a global level.   

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