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Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to all of your questions from "what is sugaring?", to "what do I need to do before my appointment?". If you still have questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page, we will respond promptly. 

Q-What is Sugaring?

A-You can find the history of sugaring here. Sugaring is an all natural method of hair removal. Better for your skin than waxing, less painful than waxing, and it is completely biodegradable! Sugar is heated to above body temperature applied against the direction of the hair growth and removed in the direction of the hair growth to minimize damage to the skin. Sugaring removes dry skin and hair from the body, leaving the skin with minimal recovery time and damage. All hair except for scalp hair and male pattern facial hair can be removed with sugaring. 

Q- How early should I arrive for my appointment?
A- We recommend 5 minutes, if its your first visit 10 minutes is great. If you arrive and the front door is locked, please press the doorbell and we will be out shortly to let you in. In the chance that the weather is inclement, feel free to wait in your car, and send us a text, as soon as we are finished with our current client, we will unlock the door for you.

Q-What happens if I am late for or forget my appointment?
A- ​We understand that life is often unpredictable and that emergencies do happen. We may make exceptions for emergencies on a case by case basis. Our business is appointment based. We respect your time, please respect ours. The financial impact of cancellations to our business and service providers is substantial. If you cancel your reserved time with less than 24 hours notice and  we are unable to fill that space with another client we will charge you 100% of the booked appointment amount.


If you need to cancel, adjust your appointment or have an emergency, please do so via our app, email or leave a text or voice mail message as soon as possible. All time stamps from voicemails, text messages and emails will be honored. Missed calls with no voicemails will NOT be honored, please leave us a voicemail or send a text. 

No-Call/No-Show appointments will be charged the 100% of the booked service. If you no-call/no-show again you will be required to pre-pay for future services once your bill has been paid.  

Services usually take the full time scheduled for you. Depending on how late you are, we may not be able to adjust your service, however, you will still be responsible for full payment of your scheduled service. 


Q- What are contraindications? And does that matter for me?

A- Contraindications is a list of things that would cause us to advise against receiving sugaring / skin care services within a certain amount of time or at all. Here is a quick list of things that we would advise against sugaring for: *Receiving a medical peel within 2 years*Applying Retinol or receiving Botox in the localized area for our service*Receiving a light chemical peel or microdermabrasion within 7 days* This is not a complete list, please see our page on Contraindications. Please use the contact form if you have further questions, located at the bottom of this page. 

Q- What if I’m not feeling well/coming down with something? Can I still get a service?
A- Out of courtesy for our staff and other spa guests, some of whom are immunocompromised, if you’re coming down with something or suspect you are contagious, please call us to reschedule for when you’re feeling better. If you have been exposed to or are sick with Covid-19 or are experiencing Flu like symptoms, please reschedule when you have been free of symptoms for at least 7 days. Please provide as much notice as possible. We will make a note in your file. Repetitive sick cancellations will be managed on a case by case basis and could result in a prepayment requirement.​ Never hesitate to call and chat with us if you are not sure what to do. 

Q- I'm new to hair removal. Is this going to hurt?
A- Yes. Pulling hair out by the roots is not pleasant. However, We are accomplished and highly trained sugaristas. You can expect to be fully educated on the sugaring process, to get a great service at the speed you can tolerate, and to have little-to-no recovery time. Additionally, if you consistently return every 4-6 weeks, you will experience less discomfort. This is because we remove the hairs in the direction of hair growth and the bulbs do not have time to fully re-establish themselves. Sugaring is superior to traditional waxing in every way and we welcome the opportunity to share it with you. We have a list of best practices to lessening the pain listed on our Sugaring page. 

Q- Do you sugar everywhere, even down there?
A- Yes! Our best selling service is the Brazilian. Most people find that the experience is much less embarrassing than imagined. Human bodies do surprising things when nervous. Examples are temporary erections, farts, nervous stomach, crying, sweating, etc.. We will respect your dignity. You're probably going to find yourself laughing a little here and there, however, it is important to address that our services are never sexual in nature. Any behavior alluding to sexual acts will not be tolerated and the service will be terminated immediately.

Q- Can I still get a Brazilian/Sugaring if I am menstruating?
A- Yes. We sugar clients all the time who are at different stages of their cycle. Please wear a tampon/cup during the service and be aware that due to your hormonal fluctuations, you may experience more or less discomfort during this time, as it is different for every body. If you wish to reschedule your appointment please do so via our app, text or voice mail message at least 24 hours prior. 

Q- Can I get a Brazilian if I am under 18?
A- We do not do Brazilian sugaring on anyone under the age of 18. Please see our Policies

Q- How long does Sugaring last?
A- This can vary vastly for every body. Typically for below the belt services 4-6 weeks maintenance appointments are recommended for best continued results. For above the waist services 2-4 weeks is typical for best continued results. After your first appointment, there will be a few hairs that emerge from under the skin's surface or were too short to get. We recommend you come back every 3-4 weeks for the first 3 months of your sugaring journey so that your services will be the most effective and last as long as possible. Your service provider will go over all of this with you during your appointment. 

Q- How long does the hair have to be?
A- Your hair must be at least 1/4 of an inch long. A good rule is: if you can pinch the hair with your fingertips, then it is long enough to remove. If the majority of hairs are too short, your service will be less effective. We prefer not to put anyone through that and we may have to ask you to come back when your hair is longer. 

Q- Can you sugar everywhere? 
A- We can sugar every area of the human body except for the scalp and male pattern facial hair. This hair grows in a thick, criss-cross matrix pattern and removing it by the roots would be excruciatingly painful and can often result in scarring. 

Q- Whom do I tell that something wonderful happened? Or something not so wonderful?
A- We take your customer experience very seriously and welcome your feedback, positive (of course) and negative.  If you have had a wonderful/not-so-wonderful experience, e-mail directly.  We appreciate reviews on social media as well. Word of mouth is the backbone of our business.

Q- How does someone become a Sugarista? 
A- All sugaristas in the state of Oregon are licensed Estheticians who have additional education in the art of Sugaring. If you are interested in joining our team, visit our Careers page

Q- Do you offer services other than Sugaring?
A-  Yes, we offer facials of varying lengths, body treatments, brow & lash laminations and tinting. Have an idea of something we should start doing? Let us know in the contact form below! 

Q-What preventative measures are dulcederm team members taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, sickness, or germs?

A-We have increased our actions drastically for our opening and closing cleaning and disinfectant responsibilities to ensure we are taking extra care with more surfaces that usually were cleaned on a weekly basis, we now include those in our daily routines like our retail area, our reception/check out station, and our entryways including the doors, floors, etc. On top of increased sanitation during closing and opening, we have also implemented cleaning and disinfecting extensively after each client, We have extended our turnaround times between each client to best prepare for the next and to allow us extra time to make sure each surface, tool, or other necessary items are completely sanitized and clean. We have always followed our Oregon Health Authority (OHA) guidelines for best sanitation and disinfecting practices, but have taken those guides a step further with following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations as well to best protect ourselves and our clients.

Q- Do I have to wear a mask?
A- Service providers will be wearing masks in the service room in order to reduce exposure to pathogens. It is your choice if you would like to wear a mask at your appointment.

Q- Are your cleaning products safe?
A- Yes, our cleaning products are QUAT (quaternary ammonium compound) free. We use the Rejuvenate brand which is a hospital-grade disinfectant powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide that is EPA and FDA registered, non-irritating to the skin and eyes, and also fragrance-free. We are using OHA/state board compliant cleaning products that are EPA registered and have been tested for safety and effectiveness.

Q- If your cleaning supplies are all-natural can they still kill COVID-19?
A- Our cleaning supplies are all approved by OHA/state board regulations for cleaning and disinfecting and they have been verified to be as effective in killing viruses including COVID when properly used. 

Q- How often are you cleaning?
A- We have always followed OHA/state board guidelines and recommendations for a thorough cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting, however, we have now taken them a step further to incorporate more sanitary practices for when we open and close our business and between each client. During opening and closing, we are initiating further details to our entryway doors, floors, our retail and lobby areas and our reception/check out desk. Between clients, we have added in more time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire treatment area or any other locations throughout the building before our next client arrives. We are also cleaning and disinfecting the main traffic areas hourly and after each guest.

Q- I'm an Athlete, why should I do sugaring?

A- Here are some of the benefits that are great for athletes: 

  • Hair can trap heat and sweat against the skin.

  • Removing hair reduces chafing and rashes associated with sweat.

  • Reduces discomfort from ingrown hairs and friction.

  • Sugaring completely removes the hair from the root, is less painful than waxing, there is less inflammation, less bleeding and is safe for all areas of the body, including very thin skin like the scrotum or inner thigh crease.

  • Some athletes try to shave, which increases the chance of developing ingrown hairs, and since the root is not removed, sweat is trapped by the root and contributes to chafing.  

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