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Welcome to the dulcederm blog!

dulcederm's first blog post

Hi everyone! This is Trisha, the manager at dulcederm, bringing you our very first ever blog post. Many of you have heard me go on a deep dive on various topics or even perhaps thought, 'wow, there is so much information in this newsletter'. I've decided to utilize this space to talk about the things I think everyone should know, explore topics further or even discover our why behind what we are doing here at dulcederm. Some topics could include ingredients we use, our products, our services, new ideas, business practices, etc... We want this blog to be a resource for all of our clients where you feel free to learn something, ask questions or even just feel like you understand us better.

Why a blog. Isn't that a little outdated?

Sure, you could say that a blog may be a little bit of an old idea, however, I think it is a fantastic way to share information that you want to be able to locate / re-locate whenever its convenient. While our newsletter is great, if I get too long winded about a specific topic, people can just stop reading. This allows me the opportunity to pass along knowledge or know how's that are relevant to our clients, but aren't necessarily related to a specific point in time, but more so a point in time with our relationships with our clients.

A blog is also a great way to make sure that clients can easily reference information or suggested directions on any given topic. I have so much information that I've gathered over the years, and I really love to learn. Blogging seems like the most natural way for me to share the things I've learned with clients and with anyone else that is interested.

Here's what you should do next!

This blog is a resource for you and for anyone who wants to learn more about skin care, the importance of the right ingredients, and all things sugaring.

Please feel free to comment, share, and subscribe. Additionally, if there is a topic you would love to learn more about, let me know via comment or email at

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